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Sign up for our ‘Healthy Bites Buying Club’ and get fresh produce and goodies every week!

Registration is now open for our 2018 ‘Healthy Bites Buying Club will begin in January! Enjoy a weekly assortment of seasonably fresh fruits, vegetables and other select items from our farm market. See details below – and learn more about our ‘Fresh Eggs’ option!

What is ‘Healthy Bites Buying Club’?

Our Healthy Bites Buying Club at Donaldson Farms is a simple, weekly shopping program that brings you our own freshest fruits, vegetables and other select local items from our farm market that your entire family will enjoy!

NON-GMO… All of the fruits and vegetables we grow for our farm market are non GMO. We are committed to providing our neighbors with fresh-as-it-gets, healthy and delicious produce that that compliments our community’s dedication to a healthier lifestyle.

We have been awarded an ‘Environmental Stewardship’ certificate by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for our “Voluntary and proactive measures taken to go beyond compliance in an effort to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future.” Enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you’re treating your family to the good stuff!

How it Works

Customers that sign up for the program will receive the best produce from our farm and other fine local farms each week. Items may include: apples, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplant, honey, garlic, herbs, lettuce, peaches, peppers, potatoes, squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini and other select local items that we are confident your family will love! When you sign up, you’ll choose which size option is right for you and how you’d like to receive your ‘Bite.’

How to Receive your ‘Bite’

Option 1: We do it. Our Farm Market Staff selects the weekly items in your share basket for you to pick up (or have delivered) on your predetermined pick up day.

Option 2: You do it. You will come visit the farm weekly to select from our seasonal list of available produce and goodies on your scheduled pick up day.

Option 3: ‘Healthy Bites Buying Club’ Delivery Service: We do it AND we deliver ($5 delivery fee/week). Your farm fresh goodies will be delivered to your doorstep every Thursday between 1:00pm-4:00pm! Customers need not be present, but we are not responsible for “bites” left unattended. Delivery is available only within a 5 mile radius of our farm market.

Pick-Up Day Options

Choice of pick up time/days:
Tuesdays, Noon to 6:00pm (Available for Option 2 – Pack your own)
Thursdays, Noon to 6:00pm (Available for Option 1 – Pre-packed)
Sundays, 10:00am to 2:00pm (Available for Option 1 and 2 – Pre-packed and Pack your own)

‘Bite’ Size Options

  • Full Bite (one bushel) – Recommended for 4 or more people ($775 / $725 by March 15)
  • Half Bite (half of a bushel) – Recommended for 3-4 people ($525 / $475 by March 15)
  • Single Bite (quarter of a bushel) – Recommended for 1-2 people ($300 / $275 by March 15)

Additional Options:

  • Half Dozen Eggs – $3/week ($48 total)
  • Full Dozen Eggs – $4.50/week ($72 total)

2017 ‘Bite’ Size Season

Our 16 week program starts the week of July 4th and runs through October 29th, 2017. This includes a 1-week vacation date pre-selected by each ‘Bites’ member.

‘Healthy Bites’ Buying Club Member Benefits

Look for wonderful events for our valued members of the program. Join us for a fun & educational Farm Tour to see where the fresh products that are included in your basket come from! Enjoy a members only Family Picnic during the season, special surprises & more!

‘Bites’ for your Corporate Health & Wellness Program

Our program is a fantastic incentive to keep your organization healthy minded! Contact us for details on our corporate program and to schedule a presentation at your office.

Why Choose ‘Healthy Bites’?

Healthy Bites Buying Club - Hackettstown, NJWe are proud to serve you local, healthy, homegrown delicious food! We have enjoyed serving our community since 1906 and we are confident that your family will enjoy the freshest quality produce that is included in your “bite” each week. Take advantage of the convenient options that are available this season. In addition, Healthy Bites Buying Club members participate in a private farm tour, and discounted pony and hayride passes. Thank you for supporting local agriculture. We are proud be your farm!

Registration & Payment

We now offer a secure, online payment option! Whether you plan to pay by credit card OR check, click the link below to sign up for our 2017 Healthy Bites Membership. Once you sign up, you will be able to check your membership, select or change your vacation week and contact us – all at your fingertips!

PLEASE NOTE: Early enrollment discounts will be reflected in your shopping cart during checkout. Sign up by March 15, 2017 and save!

Welcome to our ‘Healthy Bites Buying Club’!

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