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  • Donaldson’s Greenhouse and Nursery participates in ‘Trees for Troops’

    SOURCE: WRNJ Radio
    Donaldson’s Greenhouse and Nursery is making sure that United States armed forces members have Christmas trees with the annual “Trees for Troops” program. [read more]

  • Produce Pete: Picking the Perfect Holiday Poinsettias

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Greenhouse & Nursery for a segment on poinsettias. [read more]

  • Produce Pete: Christmas Trees

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Greenhouse & Nursery for a segment on how to pick the best tree for the holiday season. [read more]

  • Cooking Network’s ‘Pizza Cuz’ visits for Rachael Ray Episode

    Cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille of the Cooking Channel’s ‘Pizza Cuz’ show visited Donaldson Farms with a film crew while on a mission to harvest the freshest ingredients for a pizza which was featured on the Rachael Ray Show. [read more]

  • Produce Pete: Spinach

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Farms for a segment on spinach. [read more]

  • Produce Pete: Asparagus

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Farms for a segment on Asparagus. [read more]

  • A Taste Of The Farmlife With Donaldson Farms

    SOURCE: The Grazette Journal
    When you hear Harvest, Cook, & Dine, you might think that its only for those passionate about farming. Not true! In our group of 24, there were people from all walks of life. So whether you’re more comfortable in a polo or with a pitchfork, this is an event you should experience. This “pick your own” meets “cooking class” meets “farm to table dinner” is an amazing interactive experience unlike any other in New Jersey. The event, hosted by Donaldson Farms on their farmland set amongst the rolling hills of Hackettstown, NJ, gave me the opportunity to familiarize myself with one of the coolest farms in the Garden State.

  • Produce Pete: Apple Picking

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Farms for a segment on apple picking. [read more]

  • Produce Pete: Pumpkins

    SOURCE: NBC 4 New York
    Produce Pete visits Donaldson Farms for a segment on pumpkins picking. [read more]

  • 10 Brain Boosting Mazes in NJ

    SOURCE: Mommy University
    The smell of donuts, baskets full of apples, hayrides through fields full of pumpkins and animals to feed and pet. Where can you can enjoy all of these experiences? At a farm of course! Now I love all of these farm fun activities, but there is another brain boosting experience that can set a farm apart from all the rest. An activity that involves problem solving, teamwork, spatial awareness and, of course, fun! [read more]

  • Going for the Gold – N.J. Sunflowers

    SOURCE: Wild New Jersey
    PICTURE THIS: Rows and rows of the huge, bold faces – all the same yet each one different. Some with the deep yellow tones, shadows, lines and discolorations of age; some bright and canary yellow at the peak of their youth… The sunflowers though, as appealing as they are to see, are more than a petty face and there are many reasons why more and more New Jersey farmers are going for the gold by making them part of their summer crops.

  • Corn maze dedicated to Martin Truex Jr. and his foundation

    SOURCE: NBS Sports NASCAR Talk
    While Martin Truex Jr. will be working his way through the playoff maze known as the Chase for the Sprint Cup, others can make their way through a different kind of maze.

    As part of its nine-acre layout, Donaldson Farms of Hackettstown, N.J., has designed a corn maze that will both honor and benefit the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation’s Hooked on Helping initiative. Truex is a native of Mayetta, N.J. [read more]

  • Warren County corn maze dedicated to NASCAR driver’s charity

    SOURCE: Lehigh Valley Live
    Martin Truex Jr.’s No. 78 car has left a mark on a Warren County corn field. Donaldson Farms in Mansfield Township is dedicating its 9-acre corn maze this year to the New Jersey native NASCAR driver’s charity. [view whole story]

  • Donaldson Farms Participates in “Eat the City” Book Signing Event

    Robin Shulman’s book, “Eat the City” gives a historical perspective on farming and the local food movement. On February 17th, Centenary College hosted an author book signing event. Several local farmers, including Greg Donaldson of Donaldson Farms in Hackettstown, participated in the event. According to Donaldson, the book not only helps support his farms’ history but also the farming industry as a whole. “‘Buy fresh, buy local’ is very en vogue right now and that’s what we try to push on our farm – the local food.”

  • Donaldson Farms in Hackettstown receives Tony Russo Farmers Marketing Award

    SOURCE: NJ.com
    Greg Donaldson of Donaldson Farms in Hackettstown was presented with the New Jersey Agricultural Society’s Tony Russo Farmers Marketing Award on Feb. 4 at the New Jersey State Agricultural Convention in Atlantic City. The award honors members of the agricultural community for their innovative efforts to market New Jersey’s agricultural products. [read more]

  • “Diversity in Suburbia: Success for surrounded family farm”

    SOURCE: Growing Magazine Online
    Greg Donaldson’s on-farm retail market has reached its capacity. Not that it’s too small, but rather that the maximum number of shoppers who visit regularly throughout the season has been reached. That market share has grown over the past 20 years, as the rural countryside has become a suburban oasis surrounding the family’s farmland. However, the neighborhood is built-out and the customer base is now holding steady. Donaldson is seeking alternative venues to keep the farm thriving and is becoming more innovative in reaching consumers, bringing them to the farm for far more than produce.

  • “Last Chance Foods: Asparagus”

    SOURCE: WNYC ‘All things Considered’ Radio Interview with Greg Donaldson
    For those who love asparagus, now is the time to eat locally grown varieties. Farmers are harvesting asparagus weeks earlier than usual because of the warm weather this spring. And since crops can really only be cut for about eight weeks without damaging the plant, that means there’s now only four weeks before asparagus season is over.

  • Cookie Monster visits Donaldson’s Farms

    SOURCE: Sesame Street
    A special visit from Sesame Street at Donaldson’s! Check out Cookie Monster in our strawberry fields for their Munchin’ Impossible program, a healthy habits series for kids aged 4-7!

  • “Temps Ideal for Produce Growers”

    SOURCE: CBSNews Channel 2
    Greg Donaldson and other local farmers interviewed July 19, 2010

  • Donaldson Farms fall activities given the ‘thumbs up’

    SOURCE: JerseyTots.com
    Donaldson Farms fall activities given the ‘thumbs up’ and featured on Jerseytots.com website