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Senior Wednesdays at Donaldson Farms

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Friend of the Farm Rewards Card

Sign up for the Farm Market Rewards Card today to receive special discounts! How it works:

  1. 10% is added to your balance for every $50.00 you load on your rewards card
  2. Shop with your card six times and we will add $5.00 to your rewards card (minimum purchase is $10/visit).
  3. Earn $2 (added to your card) each time you shop and redeem $40 or more from your card

Your Farm Market receipt will always show your balance and discounts. Discounts are subject to change. FM Card must be shown at purchase. FM Card can only be used for purchases, there is no cashback value. Donaldson Farms is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

Senior Wednesdays

15% Discount – Every Wednesday for those 65 years young and up. (Please tell us if you qualify. We’re afraid to ask!)

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