Educational Farm Tours

Educational Farm Tours - Hackettstown, NJ

NOTICE: We are now booking private events and tours! Please contact us to schedule your visit to our farm!

Plan your next field trip and bring your class or group for an educational and fun day on a modern, family-owned and operated, 500+ acre working produce farm. We are conveniently located in Hackettstown, New Jersey, which is approximately a one hour drive west of New York City – nestled in beautiful Warren County. It is an easy commute for an experience that children and their families will remember forever. No visit is the same twice. We can tailor any program to your goals for your students or group, and make sure you have a fantastic time meeting those goals as well!

Educational School and Group Farm Tours

All tours include:

  • Customized Tour Planning: Pre-tour planning to create a trip that meets your group’s unique needs or learning objectives
  • Private Tent: Your private tent will serve as a ‘home base’ for your group to congregate
  • Interactive Educational Hayride Farm Tour:  Interactive hayride tour of the farm; includes stops for discussions of the different crops and current farm activity. A stop at Donaldson’s Greenhouse and Nursey to tour the greenhouse and visit the Koi pond and waterfall to feed the fish can be incorporated into your hayride tour.
  • Fruit/Vegetable picking: Each participant picks a pre-determined amount of the available fruit or vegetable (crop permitting – if a crop is unavailable, a planting project will be substituted)
  • Educational Lesson: A farm tour guide dedicated to your group will provide an educational lesson on the growth cycle of fruit or vegetable you are picking
  • NJ Core Curriculum Compliant – ask us for our Educator’s Guide!
  • Healthy Snack: A healthy snack and drink is served to each participant
  • Storytime (age appropriate – if desired)
  • Add-on Activities (meet our ponies/horses and learn about the animal and care), create a farm-related craft, enjoy a make-and-take planting activity and more.
  • Bring a lunch! Bring a packed lunch and relax in the beautiful, safe and relaxed setting following your tour. Pizza party and catering options are also available.
  • Safe and Relaxed Setting: It is common that your group will be the only group scheduled at the farm that day. Teachers, parents, and aides can relax knowing your students and children are in a safe environment.
  • Tour Times: Tours last approximately 90 minutes and can be extended depending on the activities selected

The weather can be unpredictable here at the Farm depending on the season, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, jackets or sweatshirts, gloves, and comfortable, sturdy shoes!

Farm Tour Options

Enjoy new, educational, exciting and affordable programs at the farm this season! Tours can be customized based on grade and age level. Each tour may include a planting project that everyone takes home, an educational lesson, an interactive tractor hayride tour of the farm, time with our farm animals, and a tasty snack! Following are just a few examples of the tours we offer…

  • Pick-Your-Own Tour – Depending on the season, kids have the opportunity to pick and learn about strawberries, peaches, corn, pumpkins or apples!
  • Farm Soil Sample Tour – Detect PH and nutrients!
  • Corn Pollination Tour – Learn all about corn pollination. (It’s fascinating, really!)
  • Equine Education – Meet our ponies and horses! Learn about Equine health care and management.
  • Custom Farm Tour options available – contact us!
  • Farm Craft Experience – Educational and interactive learning through crafts

Contact us about other programs that are perfect for kids and adults – or let us work with you to develop a custom program for your group!

NJ Core Curriculum Compliant

Everyone in your group will be happily engaged in our interactive learning programs which go hand-in-hand with and exceed the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. We provide a unique learning experience for your children! Even if your organization does not follow New Jersey’s core curriculum program – that’s okay!

We recognize and appreciate that the teachers who visit our farm always strive to give their students the best learning experience that they could have. Farm tutorials are an important part of a child’s education since they offer a well-rounded learning experience they will never forget. Donaldson Farms provides an ever-changing curriculum for you and your students. Ask us for details.

Strawberry Picking & Planting Group Tours

Available in May and June – May includes a make-and-take strawberry planting activity and June includes strawberry picking!

Strawberry Picking Tours include an educational lesson about strawberries, an interactive private hayride tour of the farm, a pint container to pick your own strawberries, a refreshing snack at our picnic area, and an opportunity to spend time with our farm animals and enjoy the beauty of Donaldson Farms! Many children have never had the wonderful experience of tasting a fresh-picked strawberry right from the patch! We love watching children as they take their first bite of a big and juicy red strawberry – as the juice runs down their face and their eyes grow big with surprise! Strawberry picking is a memorable experience for children of all ages. Each child will go home with a fresh-picked pint of strawberries to share with their family – if they make it that far! Strawberry season officially begins in early June – tours booked in May will include the planting of an individual strawberry plant for each participant to take home and grow their own strawberries!

Raspberry & Blackberry Picking Group Tours

Available in early July through September (weather and crop conditions permitting) Not available on Mondays

Summer Tours have the option of picking a variety of crops including red and black raspberries, blackberries, peaches or sweet corn. The crop choice will be dependant on the date of the tour and the crop conditions at the time of the tour. An educational lesson on the featured crop is included, an interactive private hayride tour of the farm, a  crop picking activity, a refreshing snack at our picnic area, and an opportunity to spend time with our farm animals and enjoy the beauty of Donaldson Farms is included!

Pumpkin & Apple Picking Group Tours

Available from late September – October

Apple Picking Tours include apple picking (everyone takes home a specified number of apples) from our apple orchard. All participants will receive educational and interactive hayride tour of the farm, education on our unique apple growing method (Trellised Tall Spindle Apple) and the growth cycle of the apple fruit, time with our farm animals, and an apple and fresh apple cider drink for a snack! All participants will go home with fresh-picked apples to share with our family.

Pumpkin Picking Tours include pumpkin picking (everyone takes home a pumpkin) from our private pumpkin patch exclusively for tours, an educational lesson on the pumpkin fruit growth cycle, an interactive tractor hayride tour of the farm, time with our farm animals, and an apple and some fresh apple cider to enjoy for a snack! Your group will pick their pumpkins right off the vine – an exceptional learning experience for everyone!

Plan Your Visit

Visit us for a few hours or spend the whole day on the farm! We are excited to have your group join us for these fun and memorable programs. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity soon – our calendar fills up fast, especially for strawberry and pumpkin season! Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

The weather can be unpredictable here at the Farm depending on the season, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, jackets or sweatshirts, gloves, and comfortable, sturdy shoes!

Reservations / More Information:

Please call (908) 852-9122  x 2 or send an email to for more information or to reserve your desired date and time. We promise to create a farm experience that your group will remember for many years to come!

Educational Farm Tours - Hackettstown, NJ