Pick Your Own Apples

Apple picking at Donaldson Farms - Hackettstown, NJ

Current U-Pick Crop Conditions & Availability: Fall 2022

Our Apple, Pumpkin, and Raspberry picking season has ended. We are no longer offering pick-your-own activities this season. Thank you to all who took the time to enjoy a visit to the farm. What will be the first pick-your-own activity in 2023? Strawberry Picking will be offered, weather and crop conditions permitting, in late May/early June of 2023. See you then!

A tip for next season, It’s always best to CHECK FOR UPDATES BEFORE COMING TO PICK! This updated information is subject to change. For up-to-the-minute crop and picking conditions check back here, on our Facebook page, or call 908-852-9122 (x1). Enjoy your visit!

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Apple Picking

There’s nothing like biting into a farm-fresh apple picked right from an orchard tree at the peak of ripeness. Visit Donaldson Farms and pick your own apples! Enjoy healthy and delicious apples that are locally-grown.

Apple Picking Hours (When in Season)

APPLE PICKING HOURS: Posted when in season
FARM MARKET HOURS: Posted when in season

* Weather and crop conditions permitting


No admission fee to enter the apple orchard. PYO apple prices are by the pound.** Apple picking bags are available for purchase. Please check-in at our farm market before walking to the apple orchard. Thank you!

** Honey Crisp Apples are priced higher than our other varieties. Please bag that variety separately.

Apple Picking Policies

  • You must check in at the farm market before you pick.
  • Apples are priced by the pound.
  • Apple bags are available for purchase. We ask that you leave your own bags at home.
  • Sample not Supper

Apple Varieties We Grow – Availability differs throughout the season

Autumn Crisp – is a blend of the Golden Delicious and Monroe apple variety and boasts a unique sweet-tart flavor that’s crisp and juicy with a white/yellow flesh. Autumn Crisp apples are great for cooking and eating and are ideal for salads because they are slower to brown than other types of apples. This apple has more vitamin C than any other apple variety!

Blondee – Sweet and crisp with bright white flesh and hints of honey flavor. This apple is slow to brown. Good for eating, baking, and applesauce. Mix with tart apples when cooking.

Cortland – Cortland apples are medium to large in size, and often rather flat in shape. They are bright red and covered with dark red streaks; often they are capped with a green blush. Their crisp, finely-grained white flesh is exceptionally juicy with a sharp, sweet-tart, vinous flavor.

Empire – Empire apples are between Red Delicious and McIntosh.  Empire apples have a sweet-tart taste that is ideal for eating and salads but also great for sauce, baking, pies, and freezing.

Fuji – Fuji apples are medium to large.  The Fuji’s interior creamy white flesh is dense, juicy, and crisp. Low in acid, the flavor is mild yet very sweet with hints of both honey and citrus. Fuji apples are perfect for eating and taste great on salads

Gala – With a mildly sweet flavor and long availability window, this apple is one of today’s most popular varieties.

Golden Delicious – Golden Delicious apples are pale green to golden yellow in color and speckled with small lenticels (spots). They are small to medium in size and tend to be conical or oblong in shape. Golden Delicious apples are firm, crisp, and white-fleshed. These apples have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavor, which has been described as honeyed. The flavor varies depending on where these apples are grown; in a cool climate, the number of acid increases, actually creating a sweeter flavor. When grown in warmer areas, the acid content is lower, creating a milder flavor.

Granny Smith – Granny Smith apples have a bright green skin that is often speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Medium to large in size and round in shape, they are a firm and juicy apple with thick skin. Their flesh is bright white and crisp in texture with a tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavor. Granny Smith apples grown in colder climates will often take on a yellow to pink blush. 

Honeycrisp – Honeycrisp apples have a yellow background covered with a red to pink blush and speckled with small lenticels. Their creamy white flesh is exceptionally crisp and aromatic. A balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor that varies in strength depending upon the maturity of the apple. 

Ida Red –  They are both sweet and tart, juicy yet crisp and firm. The best fruits have a sprightly, aromatic, and refreshing flavor, although some may lack strong flavor.

Jonagold – Large in size its flesh is crisp, juicy, and creamy yellow in color. The Jonagold apple has a balanced blend of both its parents’ flavors offering the sweet-tart taste found in Jonathan and the aromatic honey-like scent of the Golden Delicious.

Jonamac – A cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples, Jonamac is closer to a McIntosh in terms of flavor, just a bit sweeter. Many people love the touch-of-honey taste of a Jonamac, a great eating apple. The Jonamac has a firm flesh, crisp, sweet/tart flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg undertones

Jonathan – The fine-textured flesh of the Jonathon apple is creamy yellow in color with a crisp bite and lots of juice. Its flavor is mildly sweet with a tart tang and subtle hints of spice.

–  The Liberty apple is sweet like a McIntosh, yet tarter and has a flavor profile very much its own including some hints of citrus and melon.

Macoun – Medium size variety and when ripe have a deep red to purple or almost black hue and an often irregular shape. The underlying green skin is sometimes visible at the stem or present beneath the deeply colored marks inherited from its Jersey Black parent apple. Macoun apples have a creamy white, tender-crisp flesh. These apples are extra sweet, and have a rich, mild taste, with hints of berry.

McIntosh – Ruby Mac
McIntosh – Pioneer Mac

Mutsu – Mutsu apples are smooth bright green to yellow in color. Its firm white flesh is crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor that has subtle hints of spice. An excellent keeper, the Mutsu apple will take on an even sweeter flavor in cold storage.

Paula Red – Paula Red apples are an attractive fruit with dusty red-colored skin covered in gold spots. Their appearance is reminiscent of the more well-known McIntosh. They have a white flesh that is juicy but can become mealy. The flavor is both sweet and tart. Some have claimed to detect the flavor of strawberries as well.

Pink Lady – The skin is a vivid green covered in a pinkish blush which becomes a deeper shade of red where the apple was exposed to more sun. Pink Lad apples have a crunchy texture and a tart taste with a sweet finish. The white flesh is juicy and crisp and offers a “fizz-like” burst of flavor.

Red Delicious – Red Delicious apples are bright to deep red in color, oftentimes speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Its creamy white flesh is slightly crisp and dense offering a mildly sweet flavor and slightly floral aroma. 

Snow Sweet – The Snow apple, also known as Fameuse (which means famous in French), is a small to medium-sized red apple that often has green or cream-colored spots. It has a snow-white flesh and a strawberry-like aroma. The Snow apple is described as distinctive in flavor with spicy and sweet notes and juicy, tender flesh.

Winesap – Winesap apples are dark red, round, and medium-sized; the skin of this apple is firm, and the flesh is crisp and exceptionally juicy with a creamy yellow hue. Winesap apples are highly aromatic with a balanced sweet-tart taste and get their name due to their distinctive spicy wine-like flavor.

Zestar  (Ready in early September) The Zestar apple is its sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. And, unlike other early-season apples that are often soft or mealy, Zestar! is juicy with a light, crisp texture. Just one bite and you will savor the zesty flavor and crunch.