Donaldson Farms Market Updates – Coronavirus

This page is designed to provide information on our safe shopping guidelines and other important details for our customers during the Coronavirus. We will do our best to update this page as often as possible. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-the-minute information. Please call 908-852-9122 x1 with questions or via email. For a sample list of the items we carry, please click here.

Notice To Our Customers

While we have entered uncertain times, Donaldson Farms realizes our responsibility to support the health and wellness of our community. It’s always been our goal to supply our community with fresh produce, quality meats, local dairy, delicious baked goods, honey and more – and we’ve had many years of practice! Healthy food, which is always important, is even MORE important now.  We want to be sure that everyone feels comfortable shopping at our farm market, especially our loyal community of seniors.

Here’s what WE are doing to protect our customers and staff

  • Hand sanitizer is provided front porch of the market for customers to use before and after entering the market.
  • Disinfecting schedule, our staff will be wiping down surfaces, door handles, register counters, etc. frequently
  • We follow CDC and NJ Executive Orders.

Here’s what YOU can do to protect yourself, our customers and staff

  • Do not visit if you don’t feel well.
  • Be mindful of other customers in the market.
  • Choose with your eyes! Resist the urge to “manipulate” fresh produce items in bulk displays, despite touching different items being a typical part of the selection process
  • Limit the handling of baked goods and packaged items – try to buy with your eyes before selecting
  • Limit children from touching produce, other items, and surfaces as best as possible
  • Be patient with our staff as we implement new safety policies and procedures
  • Do your part to protect the safety and well-being of our staff and their families just as our staff will be taking measures to protect you and yours

Hopefully, conditions will improve soon, but if we need to adapt for better security, we will. We have a dedicated group of staff and we will do our very best to safely meet the needs of our community. Taking care of ourselves and others is the best investment we can make in these uncertain times – we hope to make things a bit easier for you by providing fresh and nutritious foods in a trusted and stress-free environment. Thank you so much for continuing to support our family farm and local farms and businesses throughout New Jersey. We look forward to seeing you soon!